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Month: February, 2013


First off, sorry for not having updated in a few Mondays! I’m not going to lie and say I was SUPER busy, I just couldn’t be bothered and had nothing to talk about.

Today on the other hand: pressure. I feel the people of today are under far too much pressure. Work hours, children, cancer, benefits or lack of, poverty, politics, bills, work, illness, death, study, options, bosses, facebook, twitter, work load, sex… need I go on? Over half of the things we struggle to achieve on a daily basis barely existed 50 years ago. Whilst having a pleasant glass of advocaat (google it, delish!) with my elderly grandmother she doesn’t feel the need to arrange the dollop of cream accordingly so it will look great on her Instagram photo. This is a standard example for me but you guys get the drift. Although there is plenty of pressure out there these days a lot of it we bring on ourselves and it can be avoided. I felt pressure to post on this blog the last two Mondays (well actually only by the second) but I thought to myself, does anyone actually really care if I update this blog or not?

These are silly examples of pressure. But examples non the less. I wish people would let go and forget how much fun not being perfect really is! I understand sometimes we need to conform to rules in order to get to what we want but it’s only worth it if it’s what you really want. Last semester I watched a class mate break down three weeks before midterm week because she missed a day of her study regime. THREE WEEKS BEFORE. Who studies three weeks before? And if you do, surely you have enough time for a breather day? If you break a week in to three sections of 56 hours you have the following:

56 hours to study and be a grown up
56 to sleep
56 to have fun, do a harlem shake*, socialize, cry about life in fetal position, sing in the shower, not think about things that scare you, think about things that scare you, watch films, draw on sleeping housemates/siblings/strangers, eat yogurt with peas just for funsies and find out it’s actually quite nice… I DON’T KNOW AND I DON’T CARE JUST HAVE FUN. 

I’m not only updating to rant about pressure. I need to keep myself occupied because I’m stopping smoking. For the third time in two years. Currently in the last 3 hours of total nicotine departation of my system. Is that a word? It has a red squiggle under it. What’s the correct word? More on that next week.


Something I’ve learnt today
– I rule over nicotine. For a few days at least.

Something that made me smile today
– Frozen peas in yogurt & my own bed after a long weekend away.

*I don’t enjoy a Harlem shake myself but I felt pressured into writing it given it’s current hype!


Today I became an adult.

Today has been a big day for me. I decided it was time I became an adult. I’m 20 years old now and I think it’s time. Today, I’ve stopped reading the Daily Mail and started reading ‘real’ newspapers.

To be honest it’s not really my own choice. Two of my courses this semester require me to read the news. In French, we must bring an article from current news along with a small summary in French. In my international & European law class, our professor kindly asked us to stay up to date with current affairs. As a law major I must confess that sometimes I do feel like I should really know what my professors are talking about when they mention the situation in Mali or talk about the recession. To be honest, all I know about politics at the moment is that David Cameron’s daughter is called Florence and that Michelle Obama has AMAZING arms. Don’t get me wrong, current affairs are important. And as an adult, I should be able to engage in intellectual conversations over a glass (bottle) or two of wine. But lets be real. Knowing things like the name of Adele’s (or Natalie Portman, Victoria Beckham and pretty much any celebs) baby or that Harper is going to be the star of Fashion week is much more fun. Personally, I think the Daily Mail gets more stick than it deserves. Today I learnt women who live closer to their mothers are more likely to get pregnant! I searched the BBC and didn’t find this priceless bit of knowledge.

All this being said, the Daily Mail has unfortunately lost its place as my homepage. What politically neutral newspapers can you recommend for me to start my journey into adulthood? Or better yet, who can give me a crash course in Politics so I can actually pick what I want to read? Is there really more to know then that Obama is great, Bush sucked, England has no hope & babies are cute?

I also thought I’d try to stop smoking today but I thought to myself: Slow down, one step at a time.


Something I’ve learnt today
– I’m /almost/ ashamed at my lack of knowledge on politics.

Something that made me smile today
– The smell of clean bed sheets.