Panda points.

by europeanmongrel

I made my first “boyfriend” wait a very long time until I opened my temple doors and lost the crown jewels to him. In plain English, I made the poor boy wait a very long time until I let him take my virginity. I put the word boyfriend between quotation marks because I’m still not sure to this day if he was actually aware that he was my boyfriend. I like to think of him as such even though he hardly waited until we’d finished to text another girl that he’d be round later. I will also never forget his face when my mum popped her head into my room and called him by a nickname I lovingly used to refer to him by around the house. Pretty sure he was unaware of that one as well.

Point is, am I really becoming as old and cynical as you can be at 20 years young or are people far too eager to hop into bed these days? Fuck buddies, casual sex, friends with benefits, one night stands… how ever you wish to label it. Magazines glamorize it, TV shows tell us it’s okay and normal but casual sex has never been something I’ve been drawn to.

Having just started university I’m surrounded by sex. Someone is always doing someone and personally I feel out of the loop by not joining in. Where I’m currently studying there is something called Panda Points. I’d never heard of the concept before starting here but apparently it’s all the rage. It consists of an accumulation of points that you can (but shouldn’t) obtain by not having sex for a certain amount of time. For example if you spend over a month without sex you gain one panda point and so forth. Once you’ve achieved six, rules say you must throw a panda party to let everyone know. I’m assuming this is in hope of a pity shag. Rules are slightly twisted at university and you receive a panda point per week without sex. I have yet to attend a panda party so the kids here have obviously got it down to a T.

I’m not condemning anyone’s life choices here. Have fun whilst I tut, knit and drink tea.

Subconsciously I think I’m actually gathering panda points because any excuse for a party is a good excuse. I actually own some really cool panda knickers I could wear.


Something I’ve learned today:

– My conversational French is way better whilst inebriated than in a classroom

Something that made me smile:

– Purchasing new stationary, including mini highlighters in every colour and a mini stapler that has metallic blue staples.