“I’m not cut out for real life…”

by europeanmongrel

Title is a quote from a close friend of mine this morning. It was an extremely dramatic moment on what appeared to be a normal hungover Monday morning. We’d managed to climb out of a random student house, tread over sleeping bodies and abandoned beer cans to the cold, snowy outdoors. We thought we’d brave the 8 minute walk to the shop for survival snacks. We last about 3 before we both slipped on ‘black ice’ and fell into a giggly drunk/hungover heap. We’re just not cut out for real life. We abandoned mission and returned to bed.

It was just a joke but it really got me thinking. Real life is a scary concept yet, unfortunately, so many people my age haven’t quite caught on to it yet. In my humble opinion, staying up until 3 in the morning frantically working out how you’re going to pay your next council tax bill is real life. Knowing never to wash brand new, bright red jean with your whites is real life. Living on campus as a slightly older student I pay a lot of attention to how other first years slowly begin to grasp ‘real life’. I see university as a safety net for many to have a small taste into the real world. It’s interesting to see how so many different individuals live and learn.

On a happier note, it’s still snowing. We had a drunken snowball fight last night and I built a snow-lady. I woke up this morning to a fresh layer of snow but my snow-lady had been knocked over. Is it wrong that I got angry watching small children stealing my fresh snow? Still wrong if I think they were very possibly the snow-lady killers? Or maybe I was just too hungover for real life.



Something I’ve learnt today
– People who leave beer cans half-full really upset me.


Something that made me smile today
– Brownies